The Black Eyed Ghosts.

Sharon Piper, a barmaid from Bolton, couldn’t believe her eyes when the ghouls, wearing beige trench coats, floated into her boozer and asked for the cask ale.

Sharon was too transfixed to do anything other than obey the sinister phantoms and serve up the drinks at the Cattle Market Pub in Bolton, Lancs.

Sharon - a lookalike of legendary Corrie landlady Bet Lynch - said: “I got a bad vibe off them as soon as they walked in.

It was a man and a woman, both with pale skin, dark hair, and completely black eyes - they didn’t have any white in them at all.

Even the way they asked me for a drink made me uneasy - they were so creepy.”

Regulars in the boozer were also astonished by the sight of the black-eyed demons.

Sharon said “The pub was busy at the time and I kept an eye on them.

But in the end they just disappeared with the drinks - I have no idea where they went.”

The ghost couple just seemed to have slipped into a black void, causing some of the locals who witnessed the event to flee the pub and never return.

The mum-of-one said: “Some people believe me, but a lot have made jokes about whether I’d had something to drink at the time.”

And she added: “I’m sure of what I saw though, and I’m sure they were ghosts.”

Curiously, The Cattle Market pub struggled for business after the double visit and was boarded up last year,.

Shortly afterwards, most of the building was destroyed in a mysterious fire that is thought to have been caused by local vandals.

Sharon has a sixth-sense feeling that the black-eyed ghouls may have been behind the blaze.

Website Lost Pubs of Bolton revealed that a 150 year-old curse placed on the pub was thought to have caused a spate of shock deaths.

And among those who died were the Victorian landlord Jonas Grisdale who who was killed in strange circumstances 1872, followed by his wife Martha just three years later.

Before her death, she had married a man called Daniel Brayshaw who also passed away suddenly, confirming to locals that a hex had been placed on the boozer.

Sharon fears the black-eyed ghosts she saw may have been the spirits of Martha and one of the men.

Earlier this year the nearby Ye Old Man and Scythe pub also hit the headlines after a spooky figure was snapped inside.

A spokesman for Bolton Council declined to comment on Sharon’s belief that both pubs are haunted and need exorcised of the demonds.

The black-eyed child of Cannock Chase first appeared in the late 1960s and seems to have emerged again with locals saying it can be heard screaming.

It has been linked to the m1960s urders of three young children and a brutal attack on a fourth.

Car mechanic Raymond Leslie Morris, who died in prison, was convicted of one of the murders and suspected of carrying out the other crimes.

Black-eyed ghosts have regularly appeared in America with paranormal experts saying they bear the signs of the highest level of evil.

Written By Jimmy McCloskey

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