The House of The Unexplained!

Occurrences at this house have been witnessed by multiple people, some relatives, some friends and some simply neighbors.

This house is located in the Farnworth area of Bolton.

However, the family asked not too be named, but the following story is a direct account.

Early evening, the mother and father was out of the house and the son decided to take full advantage.

He decided he would setup his Playstation on the TV in his parents bedroom, as at the time TVs was not in every room and so he had to use his parents, having setup the Playstation he left the house briefly in order to gather two friends and his cousin to come and play.

Upon returning to the house a mere five minutes later, the boys opened the front door and instantly could hear loud banging coming from upstairs.

Slowly the boys crept up to see what was making the noise, however, when they rounded the banister they had a direct line of sight into the parents bedroom..... What they saw sent them running from the house.

The four post bed within the parents bedroom was floating in mid air, as if to pause for just a second or two before slamming back on the floor and then it began to lift and fall very fast and very loud!

All four boys ran from the house and everyone except for the son ran home, the son stood at the bottom of the garden path and waited for his parents to return a short time later.

Upon their return they all headed into the house to investigate the story that the son had told them, however, upon entering the house nothing was to be found and everything appeared calm, however, loft hatch had been opened and there was no one in the house!

This was not the only occurrence within the house, one evening another older cousin of the family was babysitting so that the mother and father could go out for the night, however, all did not quite go to plan.....

Shortly after the mother and father left for the night, the cousin saw a perfectly clear and detailed apparition of an old lady in the kitchen, terrified the cousin froze and could not move from the couch.... Immediately the cousin rang the mother and father demanding that they returned as soon as possible.

When they arrived back home, the cousin described the old lady and explained what she has seen to the mother and father, describing the mothers own mother in great detail.

Unfortunately the Grandmother had passed away only a few weeks before the incident, however, the cousins description was so detailed and so clear, but this made no sense, as the cousin had never met the Grandmother!

Written By Aaron Robinson

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