This one is by far a long shot in some ways, however, not in others....!

Bolton once had a big club scene, we had many clubs and a very good night life, many people remember those days, BUT! We also suffered and still do suffer from an alarming amount of fires!

Legend says that the Krays once came to Bolton and that they was "seen off" by police and local gangsters, however, eye witness accounts go the other way.... Considering our club scene and the Krays love for clubs, this could easily be true
Where might this picture of been taken?

The Krays invited themselves to the Empress Club, a very popular and successful club in Bolton, the owner wasnt comfortable or happy about the fact, however, there wasnt a lot that could be done,  The Krays where looking to expand their empire..... They had a huge reputation in London and wanted more!

Concerned but cornered the owner allowed the visit, the Krays, however,  where gentlemen, they gave respect to the ladies and everyone else, a few drinks where had before they left....

The myth states thats the Krays was seen off at the train station (Trinity Street), however, this simply isnt true at all.... Lets be would be hard for anyone to see off the Krays.

The Krays did come to the Empress Club, however, the owner refused their terms and the Krays left! Then one night in 1974 the club caught fire and was destroyed! .Even to this day Bolton continues too suffer from fire damage to popular pubs and clubs....

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