Navada Skating Rink Fire

A fire broke out on Wednesday 18th September. The spectacular blaze — which sent flames and a pall of smoke hundreds of feet into the air — left the twostorey building a smouldering ruin.

Police and forensic experts investigated the cause of the fire, as workmen moved in to demolish the charred remains of the once extremely popular skating rink in Spa Road.

One of the owners of the family business, Mr Michael Walsh, who watched the blaze after police contacted him, pledged to start the rink up again as soon as possible, however, unfortunately the Navada remained closed never to re-open.

Police investigated reports that a couple of people were seen near the Navada half an hour before the blaze was reported. Another theory under investigation is the possibility that a side door had been vandalised.

Police found no real evidence and the crimne remains unsolved.

The Navada was an extremely popular night hotspot for people of all ages with events took place on most evenings.

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