Farnworth Pleasuredrome

The Pleasuredrome in Farnworth was by far the best dance club in the northwest during it's short lived era, The Hacienda was a close second but usually only visited if we felt like a change.

In 1992 there was the usual police raid and the Pleasuredrome was forced to close down.

DJ Welly and associates then opened a new venue called Bowler's in Trafford Park, although the music and atmosphere were still great it didn't fill the gap of the Pleasuredome.

I know that DJ Welly is still around somewhere, and I am hoping to get in contact with him....

Finding pictures of this place is proving to be very tricky indeed, however, I think this could have something to do with the fact that the venue was only open for 1yr between 1991 and 1992 which could explain the lack of pictures online, however, with that said this was by far the biggest, best, most popular venue in town, which is why I cant really understand why people didnt take more pictures?

Before it was called The Pleasuredrome, this place was formely known as Blighty's, which was a quite place to say the least.... Then DJ Welly took up permanent residency!

This was what Blighty's needed, as within the next three weeks Blighty's was transformed and every weekend, every Friday & Saturday night this place was over capacity, rammed jammed and crammed to the rafters, it was a long shot the best place within Bolton :)

That was until 1992:

The Pleasuredrome pictured after closure in February 1992 

February 28th - The Pleasuredome in Farnworth is closed after the Police find the bar staff are dealing drugs.

Personally I never had the pleasure of a night inside the Pleasuredrome due to my age, however, after seeing the pictures of the exterior I am sure I recall the building being there in 1992 :)

I am pretty sure that the bloke on the left is DJ Paul Welly. 

Here I have managed to dig out some old videos from the Pleasuredrome.


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