Samuel Crompton

Samuel Crompton (3 December 1753 – 26 June 1827) was an English inventor and pioneer of the spinning industry.

Building on the work of James Hargreaves and Richard Arkwright he invented the spinning mule, a machine that revolutionised the industry worldwide.

Samuel Crompton was born in 10 Firwood Fold, Bolton, Lancashire to George and Betty Crompton (née Elizabeth Holt of Turton).

His father was a caretaker at nearby Hall i' th' Wood. Samuel had two younger sisters.

While he was a boy he lost his father and had to contribute to the family resources by spinning yarn, learning to spin on James Hargreaves's spinning jenny.

The deficiencies of the jenny imbued him with the idea of devising something better, which he worked on in secret for five or six years.

The effort absorbed all his spare time and money, including that which he earned by playing the violin at the Bolton theatre.

On 16 February 1780 at Bolton Parish Church, Crompton married Mary Pimlott (or Pimbley).

They had eight children including George Crompton (born 8 January 1781), who followed in the family business.

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