The Moses Gate Culvert

Hidden away deep beneath our feet, servicing us in ways we dont ever give a thought too...!

Storm Drains and Culverts, they are the reason that we here in Farnworth and Bolton rarely if ever suffer from flooding.

These tunnels are often far from new, in fact most of them are hundreds of years old, however, generally as you can see they stand the tests of time and the thrashing they receive during heavy rain, debris such as large branches and the good old shopping trolley two often get washed into the tunnels, but they still stand strong.

The old construction techniques,amazing brick work and of course the odd new sections, which I suspect will wear out before the original parts.

This culvert is fairy short and the water level is not above knee height in normal conditions. In the trap section methane gas is present.

We were all pleasantly surprised to come across the large modern expansion tank.....

We almost missed it due to it being hidden away mid way through a 36" pipe......

The only reason we decided to venture further was because I could just about see a shine of light looking down the down and around a bend in the pipe, this led us in as we knew that the outlet was just around the corner and we was very gad we did, we would of missed the tank and the dual outlet pipes.

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