The Mosses Gate 

This drain was quite a surprise to say the least and I must admit I wasn't feeling it as first.

Upon entry the water level gets deep fast but not so deep that I wasn't willing to do it, even without wellies, wading in but only upto just under knee deep.

The age of this drain is hard to say exactly but its old (Circa 1850), the water it handles mainly comes from Doe Hay Reservoir albeit quite a way from the reservoir itself.

Originally constructed to supply water to the nearby Farnworth Bleachery which ceased trading in the 1930s and now nothing remains.

The main stretch of the drain was again about knee deep but it didn't cause us any problems at all until we reached the end of it, whereby then a strong smell of methane gas seemingly appeared out of nowhere..... however, I very quickly worked out that the gas has risen through the water as we waded along causing a big stir up of not very nice smelling gas albeit harmless in low volumes.

We stood for a few minutes to allow the gases to pass and then headed on down a smalller section of the pipe, what came next surprised us all......

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